I have lived in Montreal Canada all my life, married, a mother of two daughters and grandchildren. My formal education in art began in the late 80’s under the guidance of Hungarian artists, Herman Heimlich, and Leslie Schalk , as well, more recently Marilyn Rubinstein.  Although I have been painting for over 25 years with notable artists, I feel I was self taught.

Paints and canvas shopping are my most favorite times in the world! I feel like a kid in a candy store. I could spend hours just looking at the different qualities and colors, imagining how excited I would be when I would arrive home and start using my new wonderful acquisitions!!

My work tends to be free and painterly with contrasts of color. I feel most comfortable when I am surrounded by my work. It fosters the opportunity to express my deepest and most vivid emotions. The outside world disappears! Painting helps keep me grounded. There are never mistakes, just happy accidents! I focus on the here and now because that really is all there is at this moment in time.

I believe my  paintings have a mystery, not purposely done, it seems it just develops as I go along. At its best, I believe my work also has an edge; something in it that takes a moment, a second look, an effort to try and understand what was going through my head as I was creating. It just happens. As with all art, what you pull from my paintings depends on your own experiences.

Eileen Miller

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